Risk score calculator for FinTech platforms

Risk score calculator

Get instant estimation of the risk level for any company that applies for funding

Based on data received from, among others: tax authorities, the UC, Bisnode etc, this risk calculator gives you an instant, accurate estimation and creates a valuable risk score proposal of your client and potential investment.

Depending on your preferences, the proposed risk score can be adjusted by authorized officials upon final approval.

Combined with our Fintech API, the Risk score calculator can be connected to any existing online financial platform, where customer data is available from the sources mentioned above.

While current version is based on pure math, the upcoming, next version of our Risk Score Calculator will become more Artificial Intelligence (AI) oriented and use advanced algorithms in order to determine potential risk zones, even beyond available data resources.

Technical Specification

Platform Cross-platform application
Environment React.js, PHP / React.js .NET
Data import/export SQL, JSON, XML
array ( )

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