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Digital marketplace where small business owners can borrow money and investors and individuals can invest in businesses and real estate

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Kameo is a digital marketplace for crowdlending = loan-based crowdfunding and is Zwebb's first FinTech (financial technology) project.

Our task was to create an interactive platform where small business owners borrow money without having to go to the bank; and for private individuals and investment companies to invest in small companies and startups directly online.

The Kameo project is very complex and we have worked to develop and ensure its advanced structure, functionality and security.

eZ Platform was the obvious choice for the site, where authorized administrators can easily see the entire flow, including registrations, credit assessment, loan applications and disbursements, utilizing identification by BankID.

Kameo crowdlending platform is recently launched in Norway: www.kameo.no, while Denmark is the next upcoming destination.

In the meantime, Swedish customers are welcome to Borrow or Invest on: www.kameo.se

Technical Specification

Platform All (platform independent)
Environment Linux, HTML5, Symfony,PHP, MySQL
Control panel Web based with login

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