The Intranet promotes communication and dissemination of knowledge within your organization. It can be ordered with standard features such as document management, contact database, and newsletter paired with internal newsfeed. Features like booking forms, calendars, and interaction with Google accounts can be added as an option. The interface can also be customized according to your needs to achieve the best possible internal communications.


Would you like to improve the communication capabilities and collaboration among your employees? A simple intranet is the solution!

With the help of Intranet, you create an inspired virtual workplace where experience sharing and social interaction between employees increases regardless of what platform the employee chooses to use - computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

An efficient intranet concept is optimal for internal communication and information flow in companies and organizations regardless of size. For managers, it is beneficial to have two-way communication flow with employees allowing information, news, decisions, and changes in the organization to be disseminated quickly.

If you want to include your distributors, customers, consultants, or other clients in your network then this solution can be converted into Extra nets.

Tired of SharePoint?

Unlike pre-built SharePoint, our social Intranet is flexible. Standard features within the Intranet include document management, contact database, and newsletter paired with internal newsfeeds. Through access control, you can create different groups with various permissions to access information. Functions such as the booking form, calendar, and interaction with Google accounts is available as an option.

Diverse companies have different needs and together we can discover the ideal communication flow for your company. In addition, we determine which features your custom Intranet should contain allowing us to offer the best solution for you.

Call us and Create an inspired workplace!

Technical Specification


All (platform independent)


Linux, HTML5, MySQL

Control panel         

Web based with login page

Data export

CSV or SQL format




Basic Delivery Time3-4 weeks Free Support1 month Installation Feeoffer Hosting/Maintenance Cost€ 15 / month Product Warranty2 years
Advanced Delivery Timeoffer Free Support2 months Installation Feeoffer Hosting/Maintenance Coststarting at € 45 / month Product Warranty3 years
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