Opus Bilprovning

  • eZPublish
  • Symfony
  • Redis

About 33% of car owners in Sweden make their car inspection booking and receive information through this website

  • 12K daily visitors
  • Response time 0,44 sec per page
  • eZ Publish Platform Enterprise
  • Responsive design

We are still working in close relation with the customer, in order to improve user experience for Opus Bilprovning with their clients and employees. The site has nearly 12,000 visitors daily and our focus is to make it work equally as easy for all of them.

In order to improve the customer experience, we have fully integrated Opus Bilprovning's advanced booking system for car inspection, but also developed interactive services where customers can find out their inspection period, register for an invitation letter or request additional service. The Stations' page features an interactive map to help customers quickly find their nearest station.

The website is fully responsive and integrated to eZ Publish Platform Enterprise CMS, with an average response time of 0.44 seconds per page.

More about this project is available in its Case Study.

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