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Интернет презентација на 13 језика повезана са Интерактивним водичем, Екстранетом, Порталом за добављаче као и системом за регистрацију продаје

  • 13 language website
  • Interactive Product Guide
  • Case Study generator
  • Extranet
  • Supplier Portal
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World's leading provider of vertical access equipment, with offices in 17 countries. ZWEBB has also helped Alimak Hek to produce and launch the Extranet and improve the communication between Alimak Hek offices and distributors worldwide.

In addition, we have delivered tailor made web programs and platforms in form of: Case Study generator, Interactive Product Guide and recently also a BIG DATA visualizer - Supplier Portal.

New responsive design, with improved contact pages and interactive maps will be launched during 2017.

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