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What we do

Financial platforms for FinTech start-ups and digital banks

ZWEBB is one of the leading providers of innovative FinTech solutions in the Scandinavian market and abroad. We produce Cloud-based financial SaaS (Software as a Service) applications for Crowdfunding businesses and other types of financial services, such as factoring, trading, and digital banking.
In recent years we have developed complete systems for:

  • Crowdlending
  • Invoice factoring and discounting
  • Receivables trading (Supply chain financing)
  • Reverse factoring
  • Loan origination (LMS)
  • RegTech reporting to tax authorities - and more

Crowdlending & Crowdfunding

A new way to provide business loans. Let the crowd invest in your company or real estate project instead of a bank.


Factoring, Discounting & Reverse factoring

Act faster on new business opportunities and free more assets by using one or more of the possible factoring options.


Receivables Trading & SME Financing

An effective way to finance SMEs. Trading receivables is often the most suitable option for both borrowers (SMEs) and investors.

Customer experience

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Loan origination

An integrated part of the Crowdlending solution. Originate loans independently from banks.


API connections

Embedded Finance starts here. Any external data source, like CRM, core-banking or bookkeeping system can connect to our SaaS services.



Know Your Customer (KYC) 
questionnaire is a must-have on every financial platform. Customizable.


Receivables Trading

Invite external investors to your financial platform—share costs of financing and interest rates.



ZWEBB has produced one of the world's most advanced Crowdlending platforms, used by our client Kameo.se/.no/.dk



Loan-based Crowdfunding is our specialty. The system we have produced includes the loan-origination software, as well as other advanced FinTech and RegTech features.



Speed factoring in real-time with secure, transparent factoring process + invoice discounting and reverse factoring as additional workflow options.


RegTech reporting

Direct reporting on a daily basis to tax authorities and/or partner banks is available on all our crowd-financing platforms.


More about ZWEBB and ongoing activities

Innovation, collaboration, partnership

Together with our customer Kameo we have brought to financial market a unique Crowdlending platform, which today serves tens of thousands of registered borrowers and investors in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Since 2018, ZWEBB has been a member of the Swedish FinTech Association and the largest FinTech hub in the Nordics—Findec.

Our clients are banks and financial institutions mainly from Northern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Welcome to join us and build the new FinTech society together!

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