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Invoice factoring platform

Digital platform for invoice purchasing where administrators can monitor all factoring and observe the status of large amounts of invoices at the same time

The invoice factoring platform produced for FLOAT Lending provides:

  • Fully automated invoice factoring and invoice discounting
  • Connectivity to external accounting systems (Fortnox)
  • Fast and simple service with transparent pricing
  • Online, real-time price estimates directly on website
  • Payment the same day!

Selling and buying invoices

Selling invoices means that a business sells its unpaid customer invoices to another company, usually a bank, a factoring company or a finance company. Selling invoices is a type of factoring; the process where companies sell or mortgage their invoices to increase their cash flow. In short, factoring is a way to free more liquid assets.

Selling invoices means that your company has the possibility to act faster on new business opportunities and provide competitive credit times for customers. There are two different types of invoice purchasing; non-recourse or recourse factoring. When selling an invoice, the company pays a fee for selling it. The fee depends on several factors. When you use the FLOAT Lending digital invoice platform, you're free to decide exactly which invoices to sell.

Invoice prices are mainly decided based on these factors:

  • Credit risk
  • Volume
  • Non-recourse or recourse factoring

Why should you sell your invoices?

Some advantages of using factoring are:

  • Increased liquid assets
  • Spending less time on administrative work
  • Getting fast and secure capital from outstanding invoices

Most companies that sell invoices do it to increase liquidity, e.g. to free assets for investments. It can also be a way to avoid dealing with administrative work connected to the invoices. Another reason is that the company can receive the money from the invoices quickly and safely. A sold invoice means that you receive the money almost instantly, instead of waiting for customer payments for up to 30 or 90 days. When the invoices are paid quicker the company gets more liquid capital to spend. The customer will still have the same time to pay the invoice and will not notice that it's been sold.

Non-recourse factoring (discounting)

Non-recourse factoring means that the company that purchased the invoice takes all the credit risk. This type of invoice usually has a higher fee compared to factoring with recourse, since the company selling the invoice avoids the credit risk. Factoring without recourse is usually only offered to companies with good solvency.

Recourse factoring

Recourse factoring means that the selling company still takes the credit risk. Unpaid invoices must eventually be bought back. Because of that, recourse factoring involves higher financial risk for the seller, compared to non-recourse factoring.

Invoice financing

Invoice financing is another way of using outstanding invoices to free up fast cash. Invoice financing means getting a loan where the security is made up of the outstanding invoices and incoming assets. The loan is then paid back with the funds that arrive when the invoices are paid. The company will still maintain the sales record, even though the money that comes in goes directly to the third party.

Factoring with FLOAT Lending

When using FLOAT Lending, you can manage all your invoices through a digital platform. Banks and factoring companies have long, complicated processes that take time. There are often unexpected charges and security requirements. The platform provides a direct estimate of the price to sell invoices, so you will immediately know what your factoring/discounting will cost. Opening an account is quick, and the platform lacks volume requirements. While the technology behind is complex, the service is still easy to use for the customers. FLOAT Lending gives you the best overview of your invoices.


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Technical Specification

Platform All (platform independent)
Environment Linux, HTML5, PHP, MySQL, React.js
Data import/export Rest API
Capacity Unlimited number of invoices per day
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